Ancient Cultures Affected By Climate Change

stone headClimate change seems like a very recent issue. However, this is a topic and experience that has been central to many humans’ lives, across the span of time. Even ancient civilizations dealt with climate change, and only some were successful at combating the problems it presented.

Many ancient civilizations are said to have met their demise because of more powerful countries in Western Europe like Spain. The country of Spain was one of the most well established across the globe, and it’s true that they did not further the cause of most of the people they met.

However, new research and study of tree rings and other indicators suggest that climate change played a bigger role in these civilizations’ fall than we thought. The ancient Aztecs were one of the unfortunate civilizations that may have met their doom because of shifts in climate.

The Aztecs were advanced in many ways, but they may not have had the tools to deal with climate change. During the period of the Aztecs, a mini ice age occurred that significantly altered the patterns of their life.

The temperature change caused a challenge for them physically, as their bodies attempted to adjust to new temperatures and they tried to apply their limited resource to cover them in a colder climate.

At the same time, the shift in temperature may have caused shifts in the way things grew and the animal migration patterns in their area. These factors could very well have affected their ability to survive, and if they were unable to devise new strategies for catching food and staying warm, then they did not survive.

The ancient Indus civilization and several other well known civilizations are now thought to have become obsolete due to their inability to cope with climate change during their eras.

Whether a civilization survives during a climate change depends on their ability to adapt. Communication is key, as is an ability to think beyond the problem. Some ancient civilizations survived climate change by adapting their resources or creating new tools for survival.

In our modern society, we are also facing a climate change problem. Our ability to deal with these new challenges depends on how we adapt. Will we rise to the occasion and take measures to curb our own affects on the climate change problem?

Will we devise new ways to deliver adequate water and food to everyone, as the planet continues to decline in resources? Only time will tell how we decide to deal with these issues that we are confronted with due to climate change.

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