Antilla is Expensive But Friendly to Local Merchants and the Environment


Picture credit: flickr/cc.

Antilla is a home.  It is a very large and very expensive home built by the 5th wealthiest man alive. His name is Mukesh Ambani from Mumbai.  His net worth is reported to be 43 billion dollars. He is a leader of the India based petrochemical company.

His wife, Nita, actually is the one who worked mainly with the contractors and design people. She got the idea after being inspired at a spa in New York City overlooking Central Park. The shape is similar to Feng Shui encouraging energy to move throughout the buildings by strategically placed rooms and objects.

This home is the first billion dollar home in history and resembles the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Others have gorgeous homes that have been patterned around themes or other places but this one is unique and certainly a spectacular piece of beauty for all to behold. They are generous with guests and assistants and servants with their own spaces for relaxing also.

Even though architectural firms have offices in Dallas and Los Angeles, the vast majority of materials, contactors, craftsman and furnishings come from the homeland of India. Antilla is not only the most expensive home in the world but it is also green and environmental friendly. The owners want Antilla to have a modern Indian feel.

This 27 story building is 570 feet tall boasting over 400,000 square feet. It takes about 600 servants to keep it running.  The first 6 floors are dedicated to the Ambani fleet of vehicles. If you are a guest, don’t worry, there are an additional 168 spots for your sports car. The 7th floor is just for the maintenance needs of all of the vehicles.

The 8th floor is for entertainment and has a large movie theater along with various other items to entertain.  Realizing an emergency could happen at any time from weather or something within the house, guests, family or servants are able to be rescued quickly from the 9th floor as it is equipped for emergency rescues. Did I mention that are several ‘panic rooms’ also?

Fitness, relaxation and environmental friendly themes are evident on the 10th and 11th floors.  Each family member has their own gym.  An ice room is also available to cool themselves and even man-made snow crystals are present.  Large windows open up to a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea.  No two floors are the same and no two floors even have the same combination of wood, crystal and metal.

There are gardens complete with trees and hydroponic plants. These plants add to the eco-friendly environment.  The gardens are full of energy-saving devices. The plants themselves give off oxygen but also absorb sunlight limiting the need for air conditioning.  The trees and plants also deflect the sun and heat for other rooms.

A gorgeous expensive home that is eco-friendly is awesome.  How cool is that?

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