Bigger. Better. Smarter.

Bigger. Better. Smarter.

Dogs can range in size from the smallest, which is currently a Chihuahua at four inches tall, to the largest which is a Great Dane who, when standing on his hind legs measures in at a whopping seven foot, four inches tall! If a bigger canine is your preference, chances are it will be a guard dog.

There are many dogs that are bred to bring out specific characteristics such as herding animals, hunting, and guarding homes and family. Those dogs which are bred for guarding are naturally going to be bigger in size, specifically to intimidate anyone who is a threat. Dogs that are bred to guard are extremely loyal and can be aggressive, so it’s best that they live with a family who is familiar with larger breeds and can keep them under control. They also tend to be very intelligent and their minds should be kept busy with training and games to keep them from getting bored and depressed.

The German Shepherd can date its origin back to 1899, which makes it a relatively new breed. Interestingly enough they were originally bred in Germany as herding dogs, however due to their intelligence and ease of trainability they are used for police work around the world. If not properly socialized the dog is known to be very aggressive and will attack smaller dogs, but if well trained they make excellent family and guard dogs.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback originally hails from Southern Africa and was bred to hunt lions. They are an intelligent breed and tend to be very sensitive; as such they will do better with an experienced dog owner. They are known to be strong-willed and will get into trouble if not well trained. They make excellent guard dogs and will be very protective of their family.

For those with large pieces of property to protect, a Doberman Pinscher would be a good choice. They are lightening fast, loyal, and fearless making them a perfect guard dog.

The Rottweiler was originally bred to protect cattle and at one time was known as butchers dogs as they were used to pull carts full of meat to markets. Their powerful build along with their tendency to be somewhat aloof can be intimidating, which is why they are a favorite for guarding property as well as being used in police work.

Used in days of yore to protect large estates, the Bullmastiff is a powerfully built large breed of dog. They are known for using their strength and build to knock over anyone viewed as a threat. They do best with dog owners who are experienced as they can be very independent. The Bullmastiff is also very loyal and due to their breeding need very little guard training to protect their family and property.

For anyone who feels that they need protection or a guard for their property, a large breed dog is going to be the answer. An individual who decides to buy or adopt a large dog will do themselves a favor by learning training techniques ahead of time as most of these dogs need an experienced hand to keep them happy, healthy, and in control.

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