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MiltonHighResDesigner dogs are all the rage, with new cross breeds such as the Goldendoodle,which is the cross breed of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, the Labradoodle, which is a cross breed of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, and the Cockapoo, which is a cross breed of a miniature poodle with a cocker spaniel. Originally the Labradoodle was bred to give service dogs the ability to be allergen free as well, since the hair of a poodle is known to be easy on those with allergies. Unfortunately this cross breeding does not always work as planned, since the coat on a dog can vary greatly from one puppy to another in the same litter.

If a smaller breed of dog is what a person prefers, the Maltipoo would be a good option. A cross breed between a Maltese and a miniature poodle produces a small energetic dog that will resemble a puppy its whole life. Another one of the smaller breeds is a Yorkipoo, which is a cross breed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a miniature poodle. This dog is great for apartment life due to its size but beware; it is a mix of terrier which is breed that can be obstinate and sometimes hard to train. Due to their small size this dog does best in households with adults or older children who understand how to handle small animals.

Cross breeding is certainly nothing new, as most of the purebreds of today were originally bred with other dogs to enhance a certain trait such as hunting, or retrieving from the water. There have also been traits and genetic disorders that breeders will try and “breed out” of a particular line, such as the large breed of dogs tendency to inherit hip dysplasia which is a malformation of the hip joints. Even with cross breeding issues such as this can still be passed down to the next generation.

Technically any dog that is cross bred is considered a mutt. They can be called all the fancy names in the world but they are still a mutt dog, and if a particular breed of dog is not important to the human why not help one of the millions of shelter animals that need a good home? These dogs are usually cross breeds of one sort or another, although pure bred dogs can be found at the local shelter as well. Adopting a dog from a shelter actually helps two dogs; the dog that is adopted gets a new loving home, and another dog in need can be brought into the space now available. Literally millions of shelter animals are available each year and unfortunately only 30 percent of animals in homes today come from a shelter.

A dog is a large responsibility, one that should not be taken lightly. If a cross breed dog is what a person wants research should be done into the traits of both breeds present, since the dog will be a grab bag of traits from either breed.

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