Cheetahs On The Run

Cheetahs On The Run

Cheetahs are an amazing species of animal that typically live in Africa and surrounding areas. They are the fastest animal in the world and they can run extremely fast even up to 75 miles per hour. They live in Africa and can be found in the deserts or grassy plains that have long stretches of land where they can run and chase prey. They typically prey on gazelles, warthogs, rabbits, and other small animals that are easy for them to catch. They do all of their hunting during the day which can cause a problem for them and their interactions with humans.

Humans have the ability to put cheetahs at risk of losing their homes and their lives. There are several things that if the human stops doing, the cheetah can live a free and normal life. Cheetah’s homes are in danger and we need to put a stop to it. They do not bother us so why should we bother them?

National parks and wildlife reserves cheetahs used to inhabit. However, it has become very dangerous for a cheetah to live in these environments due to the other predators that live there and take their prey. Lions and leopards eat their prey and are bigger so also have the ability to kill them. This puts cheetahs in danger because now they are forced to move into areas where there are farms, and where there are farms there are humans and this is a serious issue for these beautiful creatures.

Cheetahs are very often blamed for the eating of a farmer’s livestock which is not always what is actually happening. However, farmers must protect their animals so they often shoot cheetahs and even trap them. Sadly, this is not the only way that humans cause Cheetahs major problems.

Another big problem for cheetahs is the illegal wildlife trade. Many people want to keep cheetahs as pets which is not a good idea at all! At any rate, this causes cheetahs to be trapped by humans and transported to other locations due to the high demand for them. More than 90% of these cheetahs do not survive this transport. They need to remain in their environment where they can run and hunt for prey.

Humans need to stop these horrible treatments of cheetahs. While there are many little things such as building homes that are environmentally safe, giving our animals a healthier place to inhabit, the most important thing we can do is stand up against these horrible treatment of animals. It is the least we can do for our animals. Cheetahs are not pets and should not be killed for sport. We have to take care of our environment and our animals for the sake of their futures.

Cheetahs On The Run Credit Picture License: Mark Witton via photopin cc

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