Coffee Machine Cooking In Ten Minutes Or Less

Coffee Machine Cooking In Ten Minutes Or LessIf you have a hectic schedule, you know the importance of on-the-go meals. Unfortunately, they’re not always the healthiest option. Frozen and microwavable meals, while quick and con-venient, are usually loaded with sodium and useless calories.

Sometimes, you might feel like they are the only options you can turn to. There’s good news for you: they aren’t! If you have a coffee maker, you actually have a variety of speedy (and healthy) options.

Of course, you are probably aware that you make coffee, tea, and delicious espresso in your coffee machine. But were you aware that you can make quite a few different recipes in your coffee maker that has absolutely nothing to do with its intended use at all? If not, you are now!

First, explore your options. If you have a coffee maker, there are quite a few quick options for you. If you want to grab something for breakfast, you can make five-minute oatmeal (or grits) using your coffee’s boiling water dispenser.

You can also soft boil eggs by placing them in your coffee pot and allowing the hot water to drip over them for a few minutes. You can poach meat and fish this way, though it may take a little longer than ten minutes. Coffee makers can also steam vegetables for you in a matter of mi-nutes.

Oh—do you like rice? If so, great! You could make ten-minute rice…but not in your rice cooker. If you put instant rice in your coffee maker and add the right amount of water (as per the instruc-tions on the instant rice, of course) you’ll have fully cooked rice in 5 to 10 minutes. Coffee mak-ers are also wonderful for heating up those containers of instant Ramen, but we’ll stay away from them (all the sodium found in them definitely won’t do you any good). For more informa-tion, here’s a great place to start.

We would like to give rice cookers SOME credit…you’re also able to make a variety of dishes in them. Unfortunately, the rice cooker does not finish cooking as quickly as the coffee maker does. If you’re in a rush, rice cookers therefore probably won’t be your best option. They do, however, make some delicious stuff.

If you want more information on rice cooker recipes that may or may not have anything to do with rice, take a look here. If you have a food processor, you can also search online for soup recipes. You can make nearly any kind of soup you can imagine in a food processor—maybe one of them will work with your busy schedule! If speed is your goal, however, coffee machine meals are sure to satisfy.

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