Fishing or Floating?

inflatable kayakThe New Tomcat Series is the exciting new addition to AIRE’S line of high-performance inflatable AIREcraft combining AIREcell technology and affordability. This new lightweight, self-bailing IK is a perfect entry-level boat for any recreational use. The Tomcat features a durable AIREfloor bottom to insure a comfortable ride and compactable storage. We also have added multiple pairs of cargo loops within the boat so that you are able to change around seat positions and strap in extra accessories. Whether you? Re looking for a wet and wild expedition down your favorite river or a scenic stroll across the lake, this will be the inflatable kayak for you.

The Twin Heron is a truly unique tandem kayak. Featuring the innovative Auto Trim Hull, the Twin Heron is a tandem that performs well when paddled solo. The Auto Trim Hull is designed to prevent the bow from popping up when someone is seated solo in the stern seat. The front seat can also be completely removed, making it perfect for your dog to ride along or easy access to your hunting or fishing gear. The Twin Heron is a great option for the outdoors family looking for a versatile craft.

Bass Pro Shops® Tourney Special is a highly customizable reel that’s packed with technology to give you greater control over your casts. The reel’s Smart Cast dual centrifugal brake system automatically applies the right amount of brake force to each one of your casts. That means you’ll have more control and less backlash. The reel’s external cast control dial allows you to dial in your perfect cast to your specifications. And if you really want to tinker with the reel, you can open the side panel and adjust or remove the reel’s braking pins. Additional features include a 5 bearing system with instant anti reverse and a titanium nitride coated line guide.

If you’re just getting into bait casting reels, the Pinnacle® Platinum Plus™ 6 BB Bait cast Reel is a good one to start with. This is an affordable entry-level reel that will help you make longer casts at higher speeds using less effort. Mastering bait casting reels can be tricky, but the Pinnacle Platinum Plus makes both casting and retrieving smooth fairly easy. Standout features of this reel include an unlimited anti-reverse system, an audible click drag star, a fully-adjustable magnetic cast control system with 8 magnets and a high-speed 6.2:1 gear ratio.

Bass Pro designed their Qualifier® Bait cast Reel with tournament pros in mind. That’s why it’s been a favorite of Bass master Elite Pro Edwin Evers. This reel is a high-performing workhorse, whether you’re on the tournament circuit, or just fishing with your friends on the weekend. It’s sleek and lightweight one-piece machined-aluminum frame house the reel’s 7-bearing system and Bass Pro’s trademark Dual Braking System.

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