Going Fishing?

Best Fish FindersIf you are going fishing you may be looking for a great fishing kayak. If you are technology-savvy, you may also be looking for a high quality fish finder. If you haven’t gone fishing in a while then you may not know where to find these great items. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about fish finders and kayaks for fishing.

Best Fishing Kayaks

If you haven’t tried kayak fishing yet, or if you are looking to upgrade to a kayak better suited for your fishing needs, what are you waiting for? Kayaks are one of the hottest trends in fishing. Whether you’re a shore-bound fisherman getting into a kayak to reach new waters and distant fish, a recreational kayaker looking to bring his passion for fishing aboard the plastic vessel, or a boat fisherman who recognizes fishing kayaks as an exciting and relatively inexpensive way to get out on the water, there’s something in kayak fishing for just about anyone.

Jackson’s popular sit-inside fishing kayak is now offered in a waterfowl camo design, making it a dual-purpose craft for the outdoorsman who likes to cast and blast. Includes the gear mounts, staging systems, and seating you’d expect in a Jackson Kayak, along with features specific to water fowling, like a fitted blind and decoy bag. A sporty design, the Heron 9 Angler is an easy-to-paddle kayak that can maneuver perfectly into your favorite fishing spot. An affordable choice for casual anglers seeking a lightweight, compact kayak outfitted for fishing and cruising in calm waters.

Best Fish Finders

If you are looking for a great kayak fish finder, here are a few. The HDS-7 Gen2 Insight USA Fishfinder/Chartplotter features Real-time Structure Map capability for overlaying Structure Scan Sonar Imaging data and maps to create a more life-like underwater view. You can also use the Broadband Sounder to mark and display everything underwater at higher speeds and at greater depths to 3,000 feet.

  • Brilliant 6.4-inch color SolarMax LCD
  • Combination Chart Plotter/Depth Sounder
  • Insight USA (Offshore & Inland) Cartography
  • 83/200KHz transom mount transducer included
  • Network capable: Add radar, satellite weather, multiple stations
  • Excellent Viewing Detail In A Large, 64″, 480v X 640h Pixel Full Vga Color Display Format
  • Brilliant, Enhanced Solarmax(tm) Plus Display For Superior Sunlight and Wider-angle Viewing

When bragging rights are on the line, this is the technology to turn to. Echo 500c scans the waters with 500 watts RMS power and extra-sensitive Garmin HD-ID™ target tracking technology. Then it displays what it sees on a 5 in QVGA display. A dual-beam transducer optimizes performance for deep or shallow water, offering wide-angle (up to 120 degree) coverage to target fish beyond the sides of your boat and the ability to scan bottom profiles down to 1,900 ft.

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