Help the Environment – Become An Accountant

Help the Environment - Become An Accountant

If you’re concerned about the state of today’s global environment and the negative impacts affecting it, consider becoming a catalyst of positive change by pursuing a career in environmental accounting. Environmental accountants help companies reduce their environmental impacts and work to save them money, while helping the environment at the same time. There are many fields of environmental accounting, from the corporate level all the way up to the national and global levels.

In addition to assisting businesses at becoming more profitable and eco-friendly, environmental accountants provide a multitude of services, such as transitioning companies into implementing pollution controls and producing green products. They even work for the government by recording the natural resources being used and analyze the economic impacts as a result of resource management. The Environmental Protection Agency hires accountants to do just this, which helps the government put into action environmental policies to better conserve our planet’s natural resources. Like Peter Drucker says, “What gets measured gets managed.”

Accountants across all industries manage the same day-to-day duties, such as managing their client’s revenue and expenses, overseeing invoices and billing, monitoring bank accounts and investments, balancing the budget, and compiling financial data necessary for the company to make smart business decisions. An accountant is granted a high level of responsibility in analyzing all financial transactions of their clients and is tasked with using their best professional judgment in regards to those decisions and their consequences.

As well as helping businesses and clients become more profitable, becoming an accountant also helps you become more profitable yourself. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median employee’s yearly income is $50,000. The average accountant’s salary is just over $70,000 per year, with entry level salaries starting at a yearly $53,000, and high level salaries topping well over $100,000 annually. Along that income spectrum there are a multitude of factors in play that can influence the earning potential of someone pursuing an accounting career.

Another positive statistic from the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that growth in the field of accounting is fully expected to continue rising 16 percent from now until the year 2020. This is good news, because the demand for accountants will only keep on growing. Also, because the small business sector will only continue it’s rapid growth trajectory, more and more environmental accountants will be in demand for these businesses to keep up with the ever-changing environmental policies and green practices that have now come to be expected from environmentally conscious companies.

Preserving our planet’s environmental integrity is no doubt vital, and one of the many avenues to assisting in this cause is through the field of environmental accounting, which helps both businesses and individuals become more eco-friendly.

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