How Is Climate Change Affecting Costal Areas In The Carribean?

carribeanThe Caribbean is one of the areas that has been the hardest hit by climate change; the coastal areas and islands in the Caribbean. This area continues to be a rich source of natural beauty and a habitat for many animals. However, climate change is starting to cause some undesired shifts that are changing the way these entire ecosystems work.

The coast of Florida is one area that has seen a lot of destruction due to climate change. The habitats of animals native to these areas have seen many shifts. For instance, the change in temperatures may change which animals can inhabit an area.

Displacement of animal populations disrupts the entire chain of life. Shifts in temperature and habitation may also change the composition of streams, soil, and other natural resources.

These changes can affect us as well, when the natural environment isn’t able to neutralize contaminants and pollution in our water and soils. Erosion, changing sea levels, and other factors that tie back into climate change are beginning to take a large toll on the coastal Caribbean areas.

Climate change can cause droughts, problems in irrigation, depletion of the nutrients in soils, and more for these areas. Since the coastal areas of Florida and other Caribbean lands are key producers for some agricultural products, the destruction of these environments is something for the every day citizen to be concerned about.

Environmental destruction doesn’t only affect the natural beauty of the Caribbean. It can have serious economic consequences for a nation as well. Puerto Rico, for instance, brings in millions of tourist dollars each year to the US economy.

The main attractions of the island are its natural features, including its beaches and plants. When the Caribbean area is affected by climate change, some of the natural beauty in these areas will begin to disappear. When this happens, these destinations will become less viable as tourist hotspots and these tourist dollars may dry up.

The ancient Aztecs were well aware of the effects that their actions had on their environments. They strove to protect their nature and undo the damage that their lives caused to their surroundings.

Other civilizations and other generations also played a part in minimizing their damage on the environment. It is only in recent times when our destruction of the environment has so far outpaced our efforts to restore the Earth. A shift in consciousness is needed to bring about changes to curb the effects of global warming on the Caribbean and on our entire planet.

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