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KayaksThe Emotion Spitfire 8 is a user friendly sit-on-top kayak that is designed for paddlers looking for performance, stability and affordability. The ST Performance Hull gives this shorter kayak a surprising amount of speed and tracking for its size, without sacrificing stability. It is equipped with great features like the padded seat back and a tankwell with cargo net that is typically found on more expensive kayaks. Molded in foot wells are comfortable yet provide secure foot placement. Self-bailing scupper plug holes in the cockpit and tankwell are a standard feature which help keep the inside of the Spitfire dry and comfortable. The extra volume and high capacity make this kayak the perfect fit for paddler from kids to adults under 245 lbs. Emotion Kayaks are built in the USA using highest quality domestic and import components.

  • Blow-Molded from Ultra-Durable UV Protected High-Density Polyethylene Plastic
  • ST Perfomance Hull Offers Exceptional Stability and Tracking
  • Tankwell and Cargo Net Lacing a for Gear Storage
  • Molded in Foot Wells Provide Secure Foot Bracing
  • Safe and Spacious Sit-On-Top Design

The Apex 100 is an affordable, easy to paddle sit-on-top kayak. Light and easy to handle, this will become your go-to boat for exploring local lakes and slower rivers. An outstanding value package, the self-bailing Apex 100 comes with an adjustable padded backrest, stern storage platform with a bungee and molded footrests. Our manufacturing process allows us to insert additional flotation for increased buoyancy and safety.

A snug fitting touring kayak is a good thing, if not even a necessary thing, because your hips and thighs need to be in contact with the boat to give you control for edging and rolling. You don’t won’t a kayak that fits you like a baggy clown suit, so if you’re a particularly small person and you buy a boat with a generous cockpit, be prepared to add some padding so that you obtain a nice snug fit. Again, fit isn’t as much of an issue when you’re just doing recreational paddling on flat water, but when the wind and waves pick up you’ll want a snug fit for optimum boat control. Likewise, if you’re a relatively large person, for the sake of comfort and safety don’t buy a kayak with a tiny cockpit.

To determine a minimum cockpit width, measure the width of your hips when you’re sitting and then add a little wiggle room. Cockpit length is probably even more important because someone with longer legs can find it much harder to get in and out of the same cockpit as someone with shorter legs. Personally, I prefer a kayak cockpit that is at least as long as my inseam. However, you will certainly find many kayaks with much tighter cockpits than that

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