Oceana: A Champion For The World’s Oceans


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In today’s world, champions are hard to find. People who are willing to put up their differences, risk ridicule and persecution, and follow what they believe to be correct are few and far between. We do, however, have a few of those left within the fight against global warming and climate change. These champions come in the form of companies, organizations, employees, and regular folks who are sick of seeing their wold get trampled on but people who just don’t care.



One organization that is committed to stopping climate change is Oceana. They are a leader in defending the world’s ocean which means they are fighting against the global warming effect threatening marine life and coastlines today. Oceana, according to their website, is:

… the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation.

One highlight of Oceana is that they are solely focused on ocean conservation. They aren’t one of these companies that has jumped on the fad of being green or making the world a better place. They live, breath, eat, and sleep fighting against the very things that are killing our world’s oceans. For that we commend them.

Jobs At Oceana


If you’re a take-action type of person, getting a job at an organization like Oceana may be exactly what you need. All different levels of employment are needed for organizations like Oceana to succeed; everyone from paralegals (currently hiring one in the Washington, D.C. area at the time of this writing. It doesn’t say the exact salary, but the average salary for a paralegal can be found here.) to the very people that run the company like the CEO. Oceana is a beacon for change and an inspiration to today’s world.

Why Is It Important?


Per the video, saving the oceans is incredibly important for the sheer fact that a lot of food comes from the ocean. Many communities, cultures, and people suppor themselves by food they get from the ocean; they eat it every day. In the western hemisphere, we are very wealthy and have a lot of options when it comes to food; beef, chicken, turkey, pork, etc. In other places in the world, food is more limited and their protein is almost completely made up of marine life.

In order to preserve our way of life, not to mention the livelihood of millions of people, we need to ensure that we are treating the oceans in a way that will facilitate them being around until the Earth’s expiration date has arrived.

Outside of the physical need for food, the Oceans are a beautiful place to enjoy this great world we live in. Around 80% of the population of Earth lives near the ocean and enjoys it’s beauty and fun on a regular basis. Again, here in North America, we are less influenced by the ocean because of the vast size of our land mass. However, in Indonesia, for example, the ocean is their very way of life.

Hopefully organizations like Oceana can help spread the word, encourage people to take a stand and do something, as well as educate the world on the importance of these great resources that may go by the wayside if not taken care of properly.

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