Saving the Environment One Cup at a Time

Saving the Environment One Cup at a Time

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that recycling is a huge issue. We have piles of trash in our oceans and covering the land we live on. With every thing we take away that isn’t intended for reuse – from Thai food containers to plastic grocery bags – one more thing ends up in a landfill, unless it’s explicitly recyclable.

You know that coffee you have in the morning? Think about how many cups of coffee you’ve had that you’ve then thrown away. Maybe you tried recycling, but couldn’t. Or maybe you did, but it still didn’t get recycled because its made of mixed materials.

So many factors go into the recyclability of a product that how can you know what, when, where to recycle your coffee cups? There are types of cups to take into consideration, as well as facilities available in your town or city.

One great thing is that companies are slowly starting to realize that they might have to spend a little bit more money to make their consumers happy and are providing reusable cups, fully recyclable cups and so on.

But what else?

Pay attention to the kind of cup you have

There are fully recyclable cardboard cups, but the same kind of cup can also be found with a polyethylene coating on the inside (preventing the cup from going soggy and keeping your coffee warm). The first are recyclable, the second are considered “mixed material” and cannot be recycled by most recycling plants.

Bring your own cup

It seems obvious, but there are so many options for your own takeaway cup that it’s kind of a no brainer. It would be ludicrous for a coffee shop, big or small, to deny you the right to use your own cup.

Make coffee at home

“But I like cappuccinos,” you say. Then, buy an espresso machine! There are so many options for espresso machines on the market, that you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to get the delicious coffee you desire at home.

A great way to compare prices is look at espresso machine reviews. There are so many great espresso machines to choose from that you can easily have your coffee at home. By buying an espresso machine, you cut back on packaging waste, get to learn how to make coffees and don’t even have to worry about the cups!

There is a lot of press about this issue. It deserves to be recognized as a major issue in today’s society. If something as small as a coffee cup can have such an impact on our environment, there is reason to perk up your ears and listen to the people trying to change how you get your coffee in the morning.

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