Sharing Isn’t Always Caring

Pet FoodIf you are a dog owner then you might feel inclined to let him share in some human-like things. Stuff like food, for instance, can be a great way to spend time with your dog. Your dog might absolutely love cleaning off the leftovers on your plate, but unfortunately this can be a fatal decision for your dog if you’re not careful. There are a lot of foods that not everyone knows about that can be very bad for dogs. It’s best to know what these are, and keep your dog away from them at all costs. Remember, sharing is NOT always caring!

Grapes seem like a fun food for you and your dog to share. You pop one into your mouth, then you throw one down the hall way and watch your dog go chasing after it. Unfortunately, grapes are incredibly dangerous to give to dogs. They cause symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting just hours after ingestion. If your dog eats a lot of grapes (or raisins), then call your vet immediately because he is likely to become very, very sick.

Bread dough is another food that a lot of dog owners don’t know. Anything that contains yeast can release a certain amount of alcohol into your dogs bloodstream. If enough is consumed, then your dog could develop alcohol poisoning. But this isn’t the only worry with bread dough. Even a small amount of dough, when consumed, can expand and block passages in the intestines. This can cause an incredibly amount of pain in your dogs abdomen, and is only really cured through immediate surgery.

But food isn’t the only thing that can be harmful for your dogs. Some dog owners share drugs with their dogs. Now don’t me wrong, there are some prescription drugs out there that are okay for dogs, and even recommended for dogs. But things like benadryl need to be approached with caution. Benadryl can be perfectly okay for your dog as long as you get the right kind and the right dosage. For more information on benadryl and dogs, research online to see what the proper dosage is for your size and kind of dog.

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