South American Dictator, Fishery, And Global Warming

Hugo Chavez, who died in March of 2013, always maintained his position that capitalism causes climate change. While Hugo wasn’t exactly the epitome of a compassionate leader, he isn’t too far off; putting the desires of corporations to make money and people to live comfortably at the expense of our planet is part of the reason climate change will one day affect us all.

Venezuela is known for it’s beautiful beaches, beautiful mountains, delicious food, dubious ties to terrorism (allegedly) and it’s beautiful Spanish that is spoken slower than that of Mexico. However, it’s also a front-runner on climate change. Last year, did a report on a fishery that collapsed in Venezuela. The fishery’s collapse is linked to climate change.

According to the article, the sea surface increased, over a 15 year period, about 1 degree celcius. While this may seem very small, the trend is alarming. It goes on to say that the northern hemisphere is actually heating faster than the southern hemisphere causing the tradewinds over the area they study to decrease.

Many people feel that this slight changing of sea temperature, winds, and ambient temperature, caused by a slight shift in the equator-like temperatures to the north, are responsible for the larger and more destructive storms we have seen lately; most of which happen in the northern hemisphere.

Contrary to this information, recent reports indicate that the climate may not actually be changing. According to the Dailymail, scientist on the world stage were encouraged not to report findings that the world has, in fact, not warmed up at all in the last 15 years. They allegedly did this study by analyzing the world-wide population of data from all the countries for the timeframe of 1998 to 2012. There are, however, a few flaws.

  • The data begins in 1998 which was the hottest year ever on record. Therefore, that starting point skews the graph to look more flat than it would were it to have begun in 1999 or 2000.
  • Critics of the report say that the ocean is obsorbing more heat, which leads to it’s heating (i.e. the fish hatchery story) and therefore removing heat from the ambient temparature. While this makes sense, it’s still disastrous if the oceans heat up as we have seen.

These two criticisms were brought forth by governments around the world when the report was first given to them for review. The leaked concerns by other countries create a false facade that the world is trying to ‘cover up’ climate change. These concerns are valid and because of them the whole story is not fairly represented.

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