Summer Up Your Dog

Summer Up Your Dog

Summer is not just a great time of year for people, but for their canine companions as well. People tend to get out of doors more during summer months and this means opportunities for Bully the Bulldog to get out and about too.

The summer months bring a wealth of opportunities for exercise and play for everyone (and every dog). Most dogs love to hike a path with their human friends, just take care not to let them explore old logs too closely since this is where snakes like to hang out.

Camping is another great activity for you and your dog; there are even dog sized tents available! If you have a dog that is medium or large in size they can help to carry some of the camping gear with backpacks made specifically for them. They can carry their own food and water which gives them a “job” to do, which most dogs love.

Many areas around the country offer dog friendly beaches which can be a blast for any dog. Playing in the surf or chasing a ball is great exercise for both dog and humans. Just ensure that your pet is well trained and socialized, and always bring waste disposal bags to clean up after them when a mess occurs.

There are many training classes available for dogs, such as Earthdog trials which are designed specifically for smaller dogs such as terriers and Dachshunds. Earthdog training engages the dogs’ natural instincts; terriers and Dachshunds were originally bred to chase vermin and foxes to ground, digging into their dens and flushing them out. Earthdog training is sanctioned by the American Kennel Club and there is an official list of breeds that can be permitted to compete.

Summer is often a time of year when diets change along with the season. People tend to eat lighter fare during the summer months, and this carries over to dogs too. Fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful, and dogs can enjoy the summer offerings as well. It is best to keep in mind that as with humans some dogs can experience food sensitivities, so if you are feeding your dog something new it is best to do so in moderation. Some foods can be toxic to a dog, such as grapes and raisins. Grapes and raisins can cause acute renal failure and can happen within 48 hours of ingestion. Some dogs have needed dialysis after ingesting grapes just to stay alive. The cause of this is unknown, but there are several cases across the United States where dogs have died simply from ingesting grapes or raisins.

Other foods to avoid giving a dog are macadamia nuts, onions and garlic, avocados, apple seeds or cores, chocolate, or hops which are used to make beer. Some dogs are lactose intolerant so dairy products should be given in moderation, if at all.

Summer can be fun for both canine and human alike; just keep an eye on your furry friend and make careful choices when feeding them something unfamiliar.

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