The Most Eco-Friendly Campuses For Engineering Students

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The discipline of engineering is becoming more and more eco-friendly these days. From petroleum engineers doing their part to avoid chemical spills to aerospace engineers attempting to reduce the carbon footprint of airplanes as much as possible, these analytical folks are doing what they can to help save money in lower fuel costs as well as make a positive impact on the planet as a whole. In ode to them, and inspired by a usnews article, we decided to do a post on the most eco-friendly campuses for engineering students. Below are a few examples:

#1 – The University of Colorado – Boulder

UC-Boulder is one of the great engineering universities in Colorado (think School of Mines). It is, also, one of the few universities to have wind turbines helping to power a portion of the school. Due to it’s location nestled next to the Rocky Mountains, it is a prime candidate for this honor of eco-friendly engineering school that is so coveted by many.

They actually have, in my opinion, one of the top chemical engineering schools that are green in the country.

#2 –¬†Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Green doesn’t just mean they use solar and wind to power their school. It also means they are making great advancements in green technologies to be used by the masses. MIT comes in at #2 on our list due to their fantastic design for an airplane that may change the way we fly the friendly skies.

MIT is, obviously one of the very best schools in the world… and it is channeling a lot of that brainpower into looking for more eco-friendly ways to transport humans and cargo by air.

#3 – Colombia University

Colombia actually has a program called the GREEN program for biomedical engineering students. This program is designed to help expose the students to the various aspects of our great globe through hiking trips on glaciers and snorkeling while viewing some tectonic plates. This is a great opportunity for those looking to add a little environmental consciousness to their biomedical engineering programs. Colombia is at the top of a myriad of available schools.

Engineers are very important and serve a great function in today’s society. Understanding our planet, and how we can help make it a bit better through great feats of engineering, like new designs for planes that give off less carbon emissions, is something we should all take seriously.

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