The Truth Behind Hypoallergenic Dogs

The Truth Behind Hypoallergenic Dogs

There are many people who love dogs and hate themselves for being allergic to them. If you are a dog person and allergic to them that is the worst feeling in the world. There is an upside to this problem and that is hypoallergenic dog breeds do exist and you can breathe freely around your pet. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that pet you have always dreamed about without having to worry about sneezing or itching or whatever allergic reaction you have when you are around dogs? Your problems have been solved there are some hypoallergenic dog breeds out there waiting just for you.

One hypoallergenic dog is the basset hound. The basset hound is not only allergy free but they are a fairly medium sized dog and do not require a lot of additional work from the owner. They do not shed a lot so they do not cause a lot of allergy issues for their owners. Another dog that will not cause individuals with dog allergies any issues is the Maltese. These dogs are very small and have hair instead of fur which eliminates most issues with allergies because there is significantly less shedding involved. They require a lot of grooming but they are extremely kind and playful and easy to get along with. There are many breeders that believe that the Portuguese water dog is also a hypoallergenic pet. They do not shed much which is also one of the main characteristics to a hypoallergenic dog.

One dog that is definitely not hypoallergenic is the Border collie. The Border collie is an outdoor pet that likes to run and chase balls and Frisbees. He is a very loyal companion and has long hair which makes him full of allergy problems for humans. The Border collie is on the list of medium sized dogs and is quite the shedder. The Siberian Husky is another medium-sized dog that loves to be outdoors and has a kind and loving temperament. They have a lot of fur and require a significant amount of grooming which creates a lot of shedding which would not make this dog a good choice for individuals with allergies. The Samoyed is another dog with a lot of fur and is a medium sized dog who enjoys the outdoors. They also require a significant amount of grooming so this would not be a good choice for allergy sufferers.

Whether you suffer from allergies or not there are different dogs that you can choose from that will not cause you problems. Man’s best friend is supposed to be just that, so the last thing you need is to suffer from allergies. Do your research before adopting a new pet to know what you’re getting into.

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