Three Ways High School Teachers Can Help The Environment

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It is no secret that our environment is calling out its distress. As global warming worsens, we continue to see melting of glaciers and sheet ice that will contribute to a steady rise of sea levels. However, all hope is not lost.

If we can educate the next generation about the environment and being environmentally conscious, we can help to turn the tables on global warming and preserve our fragile planet.

The best way for us as a country to educate the next generation is to teach our students while they are growing. For many Canadian teachers, this might seem difficult at first, but they might find that they begin to reach students on a different level and that the students may become impassioned about environmental topics. Here are a few ways that teachers can help teach the environment.

Become a High School Teacher

Becoming a high school science teacher is a great way for Canadians to help the environment. The reason is that high school students are on the cusp of adulthood and changing their attitudes towards recycling, energy consumption, and greenhouse gases is crucial to protecting our planet.

Of course, there are benefits for the teacher too as a high school teacher salary rate is often higher than the middle or elementary school salaries for the same subject.

Make It Real

One issue facing students today is a disassociation between global environment and their lives. Student’s often have trouble seeing how things like global warming and rising energy consumption affect their everyday lives. By pointing out the relationship between global warming and storm activity and the link between extinct species and deforestation, students can begin to understand that environmental issues affect them on a daily basis.

Lead By Example

According to, one of the best ways that teachers can help save the planet is by setting the example for their students. This doesn’t mean you have to drive a tiny car, but rather that you show your students that you recycle. Have them help you plant trees on a weekend or volunteer to clean up a city park. Taking volunteer trips and doing hands on projects makes your students consider how their actions can either help or destroy the environment.
Simply by doing small things yourself to help save the planet, your students will see that you care enough to practice what you teach and are likely to follow in your footsteps.

Simply by making environmental issues real to high school students, you are increasing awareness and helping them learn to make better decisions to help save our planet for future generations.

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