Tips To Prepare For Earthquakes

Tips To Prepare For EarthquakesEvery year earthquakes leave houses, neighborhoods, towns, cities, and families utterly devastated. The wreckage it leaves behind in its terror often times leaves people without shelter, food, valuable supplies, and items needed for survival. Don’t let the next earthquake take you by surprise. Constantly stay up to date with what is going on so if/when an earthquake strikes, you are ready. Here are some tips to prepare for earthquakes so you can hopefully be better off during the time of recovery. Remember, it’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.

The first and most important thing you need to do is to be calm. Panicking will only complicate problems and put you and those around you into more danger. Take a deep breath and make sure everyone is okay. Women do a great job of keeping moral up, so it’s important that the women stay strong. As long as you have yourself, family, and friends, then that is what really matters. Sometimes some inspiration is needed to stay strong in stressful times like this.

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes says that everyone should, “look up, look around, and look down”. When you look up, this means you should take anything breakable and/or valuable off from shelves, counters, etc. Big fixtures like fans and light pendants should either be taken down or secured an inch into the ceiling joist. Definitely don’t leave anything underneath these.

Look around is in reference to other things that might not fall down, but rather topple over. Things like book shelves, chairs, TVs, computers, etc. For anything valuable, like TVs, I recommend taking them down and setting them on the ground. If you don’t want to do that then you should fasten them with buckles and safety straps to the wall or wherever they are sitting. If you have any fragile decoration, you can get some earthquake putty to make it stick. If not then just take it all down and box them up.

Finally, look down means you need to take a look at your basement. Your water heater needs to be strapped and secured to the wall. If there is one thing you do to prepare for an earthquake it should be shutting off the gas. Homes can go up in flames if they don’t shut off the gas properly and an earthquake disrupts the line. If you have any sort of flammable liquids, get them out of your house and either outside or in the garage. There is no telling what can all happen during the time of an earthquake – be prepared for the worst.

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