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young man in kayak in a tropical location

Compact kayak with a lot of volume…that’s the best way to describe the Vapor 10XT. This sporty kayak offers a stable, yet efficient ride with a few more creature comforts than the base Vapor 10. The large cockpit opening is designed for a comfortable and reassuring ride. Equipped with the comfortable padded Comfort Flex Seat and a stern Click Seal Hatch, the Vapor 10XT is perfect for anglers, sportsmen and recreational paddlers alike. Go ahead and grab a paddle. Experience how much fun the Vapor 10XT can be.

Very pronounced keel line makes it track pretty well across flat water. However, that same keel line makes it easily caught and turned by a current or a rock on a river. This isn’t a boat for playing in the rapids, eddy-hopping, or ferrying.

The bathtub-size cockpit opening is huge! Which makes it easy for larger folks to get in and out of it, but on any kind of river rapids, it will take on a lot of water.
A Seals 7.0 Inlander spray skirt will fit this boat to keep water out, but the cockpit is so long that most people won’t be able to put the skirt on starting behind the seat. The only way I can do it is to get the skirt started at the front of the cockpit, then work back to finish behind the seat. The Seals skirt has a lanyard attached to the release loop so that you can reach it when you need to wet exit.

Another Great Kayak

One of the highlights of the perception Sport Pescador 12 Angler Kayak is its intelligent design which makes kayaking extremely comfortable for the angler. The cockpit design is spacious enough that enables an angler to effectively use the tackle and also ensures easy entry and exit into the kayak. The seats are also comfortable owing to their high quality padding which enables a person to sit for long hours with maximum comfort. More over the seat is perfectly positioned which gives the angler enough space and a perfect posture to carry on kayaking for long hours without any discomfort.

The kayak uses a roto mold hull which enables an angler to sail effortlessly in fast moving water bodies like a river and also provides better tracking while sailing across lakes. Owing to the long hull design this kayak is extremely convenient to maneuver and hence it is one of the most appropriate kayaks for beginners.

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