Zoologists Help the Environment by Helping Protect Animals

rainforestA person who becomes a zoologist spends his or her time studying animals. Sometimes, their studies will focus more toward a particular species, while other times, it may or may not study a broader range of animals. The studying of the animals tends to take place in both natural habitats and in laboratories. The three things that are most commonly studied include:

– Interaction between animals and the environments that they live in
– The habits and different behaviors of animals
– The origins of different animal species

By studying each of the above mentioned things, a zoologist is able to protect animals through their findings. A large number of people who enter this profession find employment through colleges and universities. There are also many of them who work for government agencies. If preferred, a zoologist can find work through a private company; however, competition among private companies can be somewhat fierce.

In addition to observing animals, a zoologist will spend much time dissecting them and examining animal specimens. To observe the diseased tissue that is found in the specimens, as well as the chemical reaction, a zoologist will prepare slides and look at them using electron microscopes. Depending on the exact line of work that a person is working in, in the field of zoology, he or she may:

– Breed different animals
– Test the effects of drugs on them
– Raise animal offspring under controlled conditions
– Study mating practices

Becoming a Zoologist

To become a zoologist, a doctoral degree needs to obtained, which can be earned through a variety of places. During the undergraduate years, a degree should be earned majoring in zoology or biology. While earning a graduate degree, a person will have the option to specialize in a certain field of study, such as:

– Animal science
– Genetics
– Embryology

There are some zoology employment opportunities that can be pursued with only a bachelor’s or masters’ degree in zoology. A doctoral degree will be needed, however, for those who are interested in teaching or performing research. To earn a bachelor’s degree, it takes about four years. With one to two more years of study, a master’s can be earned. Beyond this, it takes another two to three years to earn a doctoral.

The exact amount of money to be earned after becoming a zoologist will vary on place of employment, years of experience and more. On average, however, a zoologist salary tends to be somewhere around $50,000 a year. When working for the federal government, a salary can increase to more than $100,000 a year.

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