Climate change issues in Canada

Climate change issues in Canada

The climate change is one of the most challenging issues which not only Canada but the world faces. The worse part of the problem is that it has failed to garner any positive reviews from the media and therefore it is highly unlikely that the problem will be resolved in a manner that it should. Current media attention and outrage from the environmental associations in Canada has led the common Canadians to believe that the issue is vital and must be dealt with iron hands for elimination. The government of Canada is also becoming concern about the problem which the country is facing and the possible economic upheaval that may follow. There are many organizations both government and private which have asked the common Canadian about the effects of climate change. The results simply state that the Canadians have not lost interest in the issue and want to solve it completely.

Insight into the reports produced at National Round table on environment in Canada


The National Round table on environment is an advisory agency to the government of Canada that raises the awareness about the sustainable development resources for the people of Canada. It also throws light on the rise of pollution level through greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon dioxide. The advisory agency provided reports on the climatic change, energy consumption, forests, water and air pollution. The National Round table on environment focuses on the integration of the economic and the financial issues.

Top facts related to environmental taxes applicable in Canada

environmental taxes

The climate change has emerged as the biggest threat to the environment for the present and the future generation. The global temperature is likely to increase to 5.3° C. The rise of carbon level has resulted in the increase in pollutants at a great rate. The higher temperature will lead to the rise in the sea level, spreading of harmful diseases, lead to the reduction in productivity and hardships and many more threatening factors.