Climate change issues in Canada

The climate change is one of the most challenging issues which not only Canada but the world faces. The worse part of the problem is that it has failed to garner any positive reviews from the media and therefore it is highly unlikely that the problem will be resolved in a manner that it should. Current media attention and outrage from the environmental associations in Canada has led the common Canadians to believe that the issue is vital and must be dealt with iron hands for elimination. The government of Canada is also becoming concern about the problem which the country is facing and the possible economic upheaval that may follow. There are many organizations both government and private which have asked the common Canadian about the effects of climate change. The results simply state that the Canadians have not lost interest in the issue and want to solve it completely.

The Canadian Building Resiliency

This one is something that stems directly from the outcomes generated by the government reports. After the Alberta wildfires of 2016 various government agencies have worked rigorously to make sure that the best outcome is generated and this problem is never faced again. The building efficiency will take the methods which are adopted by the Northern parts of Canada. This will make sure that the problem in various forms related to every aspect of Canadian life is completely curbed. Adaptation to warm weather and the techniques related to Northern indigenous tribes form the most vital part of the report. The translation of the traditional knowledge as per scientific terms is also the need of the hour.

Federal Response

This is also important as it will make sure that the policies which are devised are implemented as soon as possible. The federal government has also directed various environment-related departments to take necessary actions to overcome the negative effects of climate change. These departments are also given the task to urge the Canadians to overcome the problem with combined efforts. The impact of the climate change is vital and therefore the common Canadians should always take the active part in the problem-solving. As per government officials, they are taking all necessary measures to overcome by joining hands with the public. The government is of the view that without the public the problem will never be resolved at all.

Measuring Progress on Adaptation and Climate Resilience

This is a factor which has been measured by various organizations to take into account the effect which a common Canadian has to face in relation to climate change. The key points which are related to the idea are to be pondered by the common man if he wants to wane the effects of climate change. The human health and well being is the first and foremost factor which is affected by the climate change. The government plans on protecting both for the country free of negative climate change. The climate shifts in the most vital parts of Canada are to be monitored under the command of Weather Canada. Periodic reports will be submitted to the stakeholders.


Insight into the reports produced at National Round table on environment in Canada

The National Round table on environment is an advisory agency to the government of Canada that raises the awareness about the sustainable development resources for the people of Canada. It also throws light on the rise of pollution level through greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon dioxide. The advisory agency provided reports on the climatic change, energy consumption, forests, water and air pollution. The National Round table on environment focuses on the integration of the economic and the financial issues.

Significant facts about the environmental reports

The National Round table works well by carrying out the policy research, stimulating the mindset of the Canadians on environmental issues, building consensus on the sustainable development and presenting the varied options to the government. The agency is conducting the research in order to assess the climatic change plans and to reduce the emission of the poisonous gases. The agency is working to meet the federal government’s plan of reducing the emissions by the year 2020. Here are some of the important facts relative to the National Round table on the environment:

  • If the Canadian government has to meet their target of lowering down the gas emission to all-time low of 17%, then they have to take additional measures for meeting their targets for the year 2020.
  • The agency is working towards the transforming the nation to a low-carbon economy by implementing strategies and plans. The government can build the less intensive carbon economy by levying the carbon tax on the polluting industries and firms.
  • The Canadian public policy experts and the research carried by National Round table on environment states that the Canadian climatic policies need a remodeling. For this, the government should acquire green policies and regulations.
  • The Canadian government and the NRT agency are focusing on the environmental and economic policies for the sustainable development. The prime concentration is on the adoption of the Life Cycle Approach that will help in the successful implementation in the private and the public sectors.
  • The reports presented by the NRT deals with the usage of the resources efficiently and without any hassles. There should be efficient usage made of the resources right from their extraction to their disposal, as the climatic policies have become the issue of global importance.

The above-related facts presented by the National Round Table on Environment agency directs towards the sustainable development policies of the Canada. The Canadian Ministry is accounted towards the lowering down of the greenhouse gas emissions and conserving the biodiversity of the country. The agency is implementing the plans and policies in order to apply them for acquiring the carbon-free atmosphere by the year 2020.

This will help in averting the pollution-related diseases, harmful effects on the nature, creation of greener policies for the industries. The taxes and economic instruments used by the Canadian government also prove helpful for curbing the danger occurred due to the pollutants. Even the government and policymakers need to work efficiently and effectively to apply the stringent policies.